This game was made for the Community Game Jam (August 2019) by Regina Kuznetsova (Art). Denis Kotenko (Sound FX. Music Mixing, Audio Component Coding). and Pavel Sergaziev (well... literally everything else - Concept. Coding. Level Design. Narration. Music, etc.).

The theme of the jam - AND THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT - 'The game is a liar'. Which means it's not what it looks like at first glance (or maybe even at first playthrough). Think. Look (and listen) for the clues. and you will prevail. Definitely. Well, I'm sure of it.  - Pavel

The game is designed to be played in 1920 x 1080p. Camera size sets itself according to your screen resolution, in order to minimize 2D sprite glitches by making pixels in game sprites fit pixels on your screen. But it has a side effect - the less your resolution is, the less of the game area you will see... Huh, I wonder, how it looks in 4K...

Also the game has a narrated tutorial - you probably won't be able to play without sound. Sorry for the accent and possible mistakes - English is not my native language.


Updated to V1.1. Changes:

- Camera speed now depends on the character's speed, so that when the character is falling down, you can still see ahead.

- Starting checkpoint is now at the starting point, was a bit off previously.

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